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Elizabeth of Norway found her mother in Madaripur after 49 years

by endroar

Elizabeth's friend Christafar told Prothom Alo, 'I met Elizabeth by virtue of working in an organization abroad. Elizabeth is a very good friend of mine. As I am Bangladeshi, Elizabeth explains everything to me. But we gave up hope after the first attempt failed. Never thought Elizabeth would find her mother. Everything is the infinite grace of the Creator. I am very happy to reunite mother and daughter.'

Elizabeth Feroza said her Norwegian parents named her Elizabeth. When he grew up, he came to know that he was born in Bangladesh, his mother's name was Feroza Begum. Since then he added the name Firozha to his own name. After marriage, a Norwegian doctor wants to know her life story. Since then he started trying to find his family. Her husband Henry and children helped her in this regard. He said that he has three sons and one daughter and grandchildren in Norway.

Elizabeth Feroza also said, 'For the last two years, I could not forget my motherland and my mother even for a moment. I feel complete with my mother near me. But I never blamed the mother for the adoption. I understand mother's helplessness at that time. I grew up in a good family in Norway. I also have a lot of love for my parents in Norway. I have received the love and support of the people of Bangladesh. Gratitude to all.'


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