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Ekushe Parishad is bringing out the details of the massacre

by endroar

The president of the organization DM Abdul Bari said that 132 places of genocide have been found in Naogaon since 2010. He said, “Although 39 slaughterhouses are mentioned in Naogaon officially, according to our information and data, the actual number of slaughterhouses in Naogaon is 60.” Documentary data collection is still going on. We are not finishing the work by just identifying the place of massacre and genocide, Ekushe Parishad is presenting the place to the new generation by going to that place on the date of genocide, discussing with eyewitnesses, intellectuals, lighting candles etc.

Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad Naogaon District Unit and Ekushe Parishad Naogaon sources said that out of 60 slaughterhouses, six under the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs, one under the government local office, one with the money of a local non-governmental development organization, one under the initiative of Ekushe Parishad Naogaon and 9 slaughterhouses with the initiative of the children of martyr families. A memorial plaque has been erected. Even after 53 years of independence, the remaining 42 slaughterhouses have not been taken to preserve. As a result, these slaughterhouses are being wiped out carelessly.

Afzal Hossain, the former deputy commander of Naogaon district unit of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad, said, “Pakistani invaders carried out massive massacres during the liberation war.” There are about half a hundred mass graves in Naogaon. But even in 53 years of independence, no initiative has been taken to preserve many mass graves. It is the administration's responsibility to preserve them.'


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