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Home Business Eid was spent hiding in a pile of hay with fear

Eid was spent hiding in a pile of hay with fear

by endroar
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Not much work was done this Eid. Now the character of my age is gone from the drama. Mother, grandmother, grandmother disappeared from drama family. It's a total breakdown. The play ends with the lover, the lover and the third. I did a movie. Directed by Himel Ashraf the prince. Here I am Shakib Khan's grandmother.

As far back as I can remember, I have never shopped for myself on Eid. There are some entertainers, makeup artists, buy for them. I pay for the education of some children. There are some nursing homes, we arrange good food there on Eid day. I shop for those who watch me. This is I don't really want to say these. Now many people wear one dress in the morning, different clothes for afternoon-afternoon-night. We were happy together.

Times have changed now. Demand has also changed. I usually do not cook anything special on the occasion of Eid. That's what I cook every day. Sometimes I do it for guests when they come. Many give phonetones. There is a single mother like me, Reena Rahman. Now I told him to spend Eid with me. We two old ladies will spend Eid together.

Transcribe: Zeenat Sharmin


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