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Eid in Khulna once and for all

by endroar
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Zafar Imam said about the dress of Eid day, Sherwani was the dress of Eid during the Pakistani period. There was not much variety in children's clothing. But everyone wore new clothes. New clothes, shoes and delicious food were still celebrated as now. But now the external glitter of Eid has increased manifold. A lot of accessories have been added in the time change. There have been a lot of changes in clothing, decor and hospitality. Active participation of both men and women has increased. The shopping season starts almost from the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Mohammad Mazharul Hannan, former treasurer of Khulna University and former principal of Shaheed Suhrawardy College, came to Khulna with his family from India at the age of four during the Partition in 1947. The memory of Eid during the Pakistan period and post-war of liberation is still shining in his mind.

Comparing Eid of that time with the present time, Mohammad Mazharul Hannan said that the main congregation of Eid was still held at Circuit House. But then it was not as crowded as it is now. Now grand torans, pandals, big events of the city corporation—these were not there before. At that time, prayers would be offered, people would exchange greetings and greetings. Now many things, however, have become somewhat artificial.


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