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Education Minister calls for normal education environment in BUET

by endroar

The education minister also said that if someone creates obstacles in the place of free intellectual practice, if any teacher-student wants to carry out some kind of non-politicization instead of the ideals of the four principles of the constitution of Bangladesh or if they try not to give any opportunity for progressive free intellectual thinking, that is definitely not a good thing. Who is nurturing such mentality, who is condoning it, will be investigated.

Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury said that a few days ago, many people had complained that some militant groups were secretly conducting (BUET) activities there. Will investigate the matter in depth. However, his call to all parties, the environment of education should not be destroyed in any way. And at the individual level, if someone has such a mentality that it seems to be condoning the activities of fundamentalist or militant groups, it must be stopped, it must be resisted. The law enforcement agencies who are there, who are investigating, will also deal with them. It applies not only to one organization but to all organizations.


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