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Economic and political questions of boycott

by endroar

The political and commercial impact of the boycott is due to the sudden controversy surrounding the boycott in our politics.

After the elections, many of these social media influencers started a campaign called 'India Out', outraged by the role of our big neighbor India in the last elections. There is no evidence that they are very organized or staunch supporters of any political party. The common link between these influential people spread inside and outside the country is that they are against the government.

The best explanation of why these anti-government are standing against India is found in the words of Awami League General Secretary, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader.

After a meeting with the Indian High Commissioner Prannoy Verma on January 28, he told reporters, 'some opposition in this country wanted to destabilize us here in collaboration with some foreign countries. India stood by us when they wanted to rig the election. We have to admit that.'


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