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Earn millions of rupees by grazing ducks

by endroar

Mobile duck farms are mainly built for egg production. For this reason, farmers buy better breeds of ducks that lay more eggs. The price of an advanced breed duck of 8 to 9 months is now around 600 rupees. But after two-three years, if their ability to lay eggs decreases, the farmers sell them at the rate of Tk 400 to Tk 450 each.

Moktar Hossain of Chargobindpur village of Sujanagar upazila, who came to graze ducks on the bill land of Chakla village, said, 'At one time, I used to run the family on daily wages. Later, the NGO did not have the loan to start the mobile duck farm for others. I started a 500 duck breeding farm in partnership with another person and now I am happy. After paying off all debts now have good savings. There is no lack of kunu in my family now.'

Bara Upazila Livestock Officer Mizanur Rahman said, 'This area is very suitable for duck farming as there is an abundance of natural food in this area inhabited by canals and rivers. This method is profitable as the food can be fed to the ducks in a mobile system at almost no cost.'


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