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Home Business Does India still have time to think about Pakistan?

Does India still have time to think about Pakistan?

by endroar
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In short, India and Pakistan are two next-door neighbors with a sort of deadlock and in India's view, that's okay. But since terrorists targeting India have been using Pakistani soil as their base for a long time, India cannot ignore Pakistan all the time even if it wants to.

The November 2008 attack is the most infamous of all the terrorist attacks that have been carried out from Pakistan's soil in India. At that time, the Pakistani terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba entered Mumbai and carried out shootings and bombings for four days. More than 170 people were killed in it.

The breakdown in bilateral relations at that time could not be restored. But many opportunities came to restore this relationship. For example, in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lahore unannounced to celebrate the birthday of Pakistan's then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. But even as relations have begun to thaw, Pakistani-linked terrorist attacks have halted that momentum.


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