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Home Business Do you remember the words of Shaheed Shamsuddin?

Do you remember the words of Shaheed Shamsuddin?

by endroar
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Ayub Khan fell and Yahya Khan came to power. This movement continued to expand and Bangabandhu was released from the Agartala case. Then the landslide victory of the Bengalis in the 1970 elections and then the betrayal of democracy by the Pakistani military and the genocide.

Before March 25, 1971 Dr. Emergency Team, Blad Bank was created by Shamsuddin Ahmed.

He asked everyone to be careful as bloodletting may happen. When Pakistani troops started mass killings on March 25, many doctors left the city due to the horrors of the war.

On 3rd April rebel troops of the 2nd Bengal Regiment captured Sylhet; But for less troops it could not be held. On April 9, Pakistani troops occupied Sylhet again.

During these few days of curfew, Sylhet Medical College Hospital with injured patients was guarded by the most senior and chief professor of surgery department. Shamsuddin Ahmed. His beloved junior doctor Shyamal Kanti Lala, ambulance driver Korban Ali, male nurse Mahmudur Rahman and others stayed with him. They said in unison, no matter how dire the times, we will not leave you. Earlier in the day in free Sylhet, he spoke on a foreign TV, showed the wounded in the hospital and appealed for urgent international help to stop the massacre.


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