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Djibouti's favorite for Iftar is Sambosa

by endroar
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98% of the total population of the African country Djibouti are Muslims. The people of Djibouti celebrate Ramadan in their thousands of years of tradition. They climb the mountain to see the moon of Ramadan. When the moon is sighted, it is declared as a state. The announcement was made over the microphone with cheers in the neighborhood. The joy of Ramadan spreads everywhere.

Sambosa is the first choice of Djiboutians with dates, water and sherbet at Iftar. They also eat Bajia, Cake, Shurbah etc. But whether there is anything else on the Iftar table or not, Sambosa will be there.

Sambosa is a popular Middle Eastern dish. Djibouti has an Arab cultural influence. They prepare Sambosa with meat, potatoes, garlic, coriander leaves, various green vegetables and salt. Beans and chickpeas are also on the iftar table. They eat a type of pita fried in oil made from lentils. It is served with jhal chili.


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