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Divorce is more common in villages than in cities

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In the 2022 report, extramarital affairs, inability to maintain marital life, inability or refusal to pay maintenance expenses, family pressure, physical abuse, sexual inability or reluctance came up as reasons for divorce.

Outside Dhaka, it is known that divorce cases are increasing in Chittagong, Rangpur, Sylhet and Mymensingh. Divorce cases have increased in Chittagong for several years. Chittagong saw 5,976 divorces in 2022, which is the highest in the previous 5 years. There were 6 thousand 967 divorces in 2019 in the entire district including Rangpur City Corporation. In 2022, this number stood at 7 thousand 215. In Mymensingh district, there has been a continuous increase in the number of divorces for three years.

Sociologist and Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh Open University Mahbooba Nasreen believes that there is a link between Corona, child marriage and poverty behind the increase in divorce in rural areas. he Prothom-aloK said that child marriage and school dropout of girls have increased in the last few years. Parents gave their daughters in marriage without thinking beforehand. But due to various reasons including age difference and dowry with her husband, they could not have a family.

Mahbooba Nasreen informed about the fact that divorce has increased in rural areas compared to the previous statistics and said that detailed research is needed on this issue. It is important to increase family awareness as well as government campaign to stop child marriage.


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