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Home Business Dishahara Kamal lost the easy bike bought in installments

Dishahara Kamal lost the easy bike bought in installments

by endroar
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Kamal's house is in Pathalia Guabaria area of ​​Jamalpur town. Kamal has a son and two daughters. Two daughters are married. And the boy works for a salary of only five thousand rupees. Kamal and his wife Maina Begum live under a dilapidated tin shed. He used to run the family with the income of Easybike, and paid the installments of the loan.

Yesterday Monday, a small broken print was seen on the surface. Kamal's wife Maina Begum is sitting in front of a stove in front of the house. There is no fire in the oven. Because there is nothing in the house to cook. Iftar after an hour, Maina Begum still doesn't know what to eat iftar. Kamal Sheikh is sitting on the square next to him.

Having bought one and a half percent of the land with great difficulty, the two are living there. The house is completely broken. There is only a bamboo fence on the eastern side of the house. The other sides are broken fences. In this small house, a chowki is kept on one side and cows are reared on the other side. Apart from Vita, they have no land of their own.


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