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Discount only on 'Cashless' purchases

by endroar
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10 to 25 percent discount on Prime Bank credit card purchases in various sectors including furniture, travel, food, and lifestyle.

Mutual Trust Bank has brought various offers including cashback, earning points, discounts. Apart from this, there are offers on buffet iftar and sahri by using their card.

10 to 50 percent discount will be available on Dhaka Bank card in various sectors including lifestyle, grocery, dining, online shop, travel. Jamuna Bank is offering up to 15 percent cashback on lifestyle and grocery purchases. Lankabangla Finance offers 10 to 60 percent discounts on 19 brands.

Premier Bank is offering discounts of up to 50 per cent on brands and products, food and travel on the card. Midland Bank is also offering up to 30 per cent off on purchases.

Bikash also has a cashback offer on Eid. A cashback offer ranging from 5 to 10 percent is available on purchases from certain brands listed on them. Apart from this, there are various offers in mobile financial transaction institutions in cash.

NRB Bank Deputy Managing Director Shaheen Hawladar told Prothom Alo, 'We are at the top of the fourth generation banks and among the top ten banks in terms of card services. Customers are more interested than ever in using digital services of banks. Various offers have been given ahead of Eid to attract customers.


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