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Different types of flowers are smiling in the city

by endroar
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Spring is going on in nature now. Sometimes the wind is blowing. A layer of dust accumulates on the leaves and grass. Spring is supposed to be like this. However, so much dust is not visible. It has already rained several times. The dust has been washed away by the rain. The leaves of the trees are shining in bright green. New leaves have grown on the branches. Wherever the eye goes, the beauty of young leaves is now all around. Brightening the beauty of these leaves, spreading the illusion of color to the eyes, various types of flowers are blooming in different places of Moulvibazar city. These flowers include Haor Varun; There are many known and unknown flowers growing in love with Nageshwar, Tecoma. Flowers fascinate pedestrians and flower lovers.

Close to the wetlands is the habitat of Varun flowers. The preferred habitat of this plant is swampy areas. Haor-Baor, the banks of rivers are his favorite land. Although the flower's cloth name is Varuna, this plant has many other names. Vainya, Shwetapushpa, Kumarak, Sadhu Vriksha, Shwetdrum, may have other names depending on the place. Common English names are spider tree, temple plant and garlic pear. The scientific name is Crataeva nurvala.


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