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Did Sulaiman (a.s.) marry Queen Bilqis?

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Characteristics of God's special servants

Verses 63 to 77 of this sura discuss the 14 characteristics of God's servants. The features are one. They walk in the world with humility. Two. Turn away from fools. Three. Praying at night. Four. The heart trembles with the fear of the punishment of hell. Five. Balances spending. Six. Just worship Allah. Seven. Does not kill anyone unjustly. Eight. does not commit adultery No. Repent Ten. Do not bear false witness. Eleven. Stay away from songwriting and bad majlis. Twelve. The word of Allah is properly heard. Thirteen. He prays to Allah for a good wife and children. Fourteen. Asks for help to get direction on the right path.

Sura's name means 'poet'

Surah Shura with 227 verses was revealed in Mecca. It is the 26th Surah of the Qur'an. The word Shua'ya is the plural form of the word Shayir. Shay means poet. It is named Shura because it describes the condition of the poets at the end of the sura. Verses 10 to 191 of Surah Shura include the story of Musa-Harun (a.s.) and Pharaoh, the invitation of the father to his son Ibrahim (a.s.), the description of the race of Noah (a.s.), the story of Hud (a.s.) and Aad, Thamud. It contains the history of the destruction of the nation, the story of the nation of Lut (a.s.), the beliefs and disbeliefs of the Shuaib (a.s.) and the people of Madayan.

Sura Namle is the story of the ant

The 27th Surah of the Qur'an was revealed in Mecca. Its verse number is 93. Namal means ant. This sura contains an account of the ant's conversation with Solomon (a.s.), hence it is called sura namal.

Solomon (a.s.) was the king of the world at that time and the possessor of abundant wealth. Allah gave him special knowledge. He understood the language of animals.

One day he was going somewhere with an army. He was crossing the colony of ants. He stopped suddenly. Heard that an ant is chasing other ants to enter the house. Warning to avoid being crushed under the feet of Sulaiman and his army. Sulaiman smiled hearing the ant's words. Thanked God.

This incident is narrated in verses 18 and 19 of Surah Namal, 'When Solomon and his army reached the valley of ants, a female ant said, “O ants, enter the pit.” Lest it be so, Solomon and his army shall crush you, and ye shall not know it. Solomon (a.s.) smiled softly at the words of the ant.


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