Home Business Despite the anger, BNP's position is still unclear

Despite the anger, BNP's position is still unclear

by endroar

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi told Prothom Alo yesterday on Saturday that he has made a symbolic protest against the country's government by throwing away the Indian sheet. He claimed that the party knows about his protest. But various discussions are going on in BNP around this protest.

Several standing committee members of BNP said that it is not clear to them whether Ruhul Kabir expressed his anger by throwing the Indian blanket over the party decision or out of personal emotions.

The position of BNP is not clear even to the leaders of one of the party's allies, Democracy Manch. Several leaders of this alliance told Prothom Alo that India's role in the election has created a negative impression among the leaders and workers of their alliance. But the way many BNP leaders are expressing their anger has led to confusion among partner parties and alliances about the party's position.


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