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Demand to expel Israel from the United Nations

by endroar

Earlier, the Palestine Solidarity Committee held a rally at the Agargaon Metrorail office premises. Sirajul Islam Chowdhury said in the speech of the president in the assembly, today the people of the whole world are angry. Israel has no right to be in the UN. By expelling Israel from all UN bodies, the message needs to be conveyed that there are still people in the world, there is still humanity.

Referring to Palestine as a besieged prison, Professor Sirajul Islam Chowdhury said that Israel is committing genocide in that besieged prison. As Hitler carried out the brutal genocide, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now doing the same.

After handing over the letter to the UN representative, Professor Anu Muhammad said, 'We have handed over the memorandum to the representative of the UN office in Dhaka, demanding the expulsion of Israel from all UN institutions and the trial of Israel as a war criminal. They promised to reach out to the UN Secretary-General, which would strengthen global solidarity.'


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