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Home Business 'Cut us down before you cut down the trees'

'Cut us down before you cut down the trees'

by endroar
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The main expressway has 15 ramps for vehicles to enter and exit. Two of these are at Tigerpass in the city. Between the two ramps, a car ramp will be constructed on Mohammad Yusuf Chowdhury Road from Tigerpass to Polo Ground. A part of this unique road surrounded by greenery goes near the mountains.

Another part is below. There are hundreds of different species of trees in the middle hill slopes. These trees have nests of various species of birds. Now the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) is going to cut the trees to build the elevated expressway ramp. The trees are already marked with red and white ink.

Urban-planners and civil society representatives have opposed the initiative to cut down trees to build the ramp. They say, among the trees that can be cut, there are centuries-old trees. There is no need to build ramps in this section to protect the trees. The beauty of the road will be lost if the ramp is constructed by cutting the trees.

The CDA did not allow the railway officials to request construction of the ramp elsewhere considering the importance of the environment. However, CDA, the project implementing agency, says that to build this ramp, trees will have to be cut.

Earlier, while constructing Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury flyover from Muradpur to Lalkhan Bazar in the city, CDA cut down many trees on the roadside.


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