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Home Business Crow's relationship with Nekbar is side-by-side

Crow's relationship with Nekbar is side-by-side

by endroar
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When people went to Belgharia market on Tuesday morning to look for Nekbar's house, people asked, 'Kakposha Nekbar' or not. Later they introduced the house. Nekbar was found at home. When he went home, it was found that Nekbar kept white mice, rabbits, chickens and pigeons of the switch albino species used for research at home. Keeping them caged side by side in a room. Meanwhile, the crow was kept in a corner. The voice of the crow is not like that of other crows. Calling much like a chicken.

Nekbar regularly feeds the crow with poultry feed and bread three times a day. Put the water in the mouth with a syringe. The story of getting a chick is now all over the Belgharia area. Many came to see.

The story of picking up chicks was heard sitting in Nekbar's house. Nekbar said, seven to eight months ago, it rained heavily in the afternoon. There was also a storm that day. He came home from the market. After a while he went again. He saw a crow chick lying near the market. The chick's mother was not found. The chick may die if left behind. He brought it home with much thought. There is no way to understand then, it is actually a crow's nest. After coming home, the wife said, whose child is this. He tactfully told his wife about the Dahuk chick so that he could keep the chick at home.


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