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Home Business Crowded shopping on the sidewalk in the moonlit night

Crowded shopping on the sidewalk in the moonlit night

by endroar
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Moonlit Eid markets have gathered on the sidewalks of Newmarket, Gauchia and Gulistan in the capital. Along with Punjabis, pyjamas, pants, shirts, three-pieces, lehengas and shoes, women's cosmetics and boys' perfume-caps are being sold. Along with men, women were also seen in the moonlit bazaar. However, even though the footpaths were crowded, the shopping malls were less crowded.

On Wednesday night, it can be seen that there are more buyers and sellers around the footpaths of Newmarket, Gauchia, Chandrima, Chandnichak and Gulistan than Elephant Road and Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital. Traders believe that people have crowded the sidewalks to buy products at a slightly lower price. However, despite being able to make good sales at the last minute, traders say that their business has decreased compared to other years.


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