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Home Business Crowded Eid Bazaar online too

Crowded Eid Bazaar online too

by endroar
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Tahera Zaman, a resident of Sagardighirpar area of ​​the city and a woman entrepreneur, has opened a Facebook page called 'Nurnagari' and is doing cloth business. Studied BA (Honours) and Post Graduate in English from Metropolitan University, Sylhet. Tahera said that her Facebook page has more than two and a half lakh followers. He sells various types of clothes including three-pieces, sarees of different designs. Many people buy his clothes from different parts of the country online. He sent those clothes by courier to the address of the buyers. Many even from abroad buy clothes from him.
Talking to several buyers and traders, it is known that a new field of online-centric trade has expanded mainly since the Corona. As the number of buyers is increasing, the number of entrepreneurs is also increasing day by day. Everything from clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics, imitation jewellery, medicines, fruits, fish, rice, pulses to daily necessities are now available online. Many are now shopping online to avoid the hassle. This Eid also, the online business has already taken a crowded form. As a result, the Eid market has now accumulated online as well as in the market.


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