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'Court order is final' says Buet Vice-Chancellor

by endroar

The vice-chancellor said that he could not say anything without seeing the court order. After going through the order they will proceed as per the advice of the Legal Adviser of BUET.

In response to a journalist's question, the Vice-Chancellor said, 'I cannot predict whether there will be another incident like Abrar Fahad's murder if student politics is introduced in BUET. Do you know what will happen or not?'

In response to a question, the Vice-Chancellor of BUET said that in order to keep the political environment in order, teachers, students and the administration – all have to make a transformation. How to do that, should be figured out through discussion. At present the activities of Yuksur (Students' Council) are closed. They can do something with the opinions of all parties. If he does something alone, it cannot be implemented. It has to be sanctioned in the Syndicate, added to the Ordinance. The approval of the President and Chancellor of the University should be obtained. Otherwise it will not come under the University Ordinance. They have limitations. They obeyed the court order. The university operates according to its rules. But the court order is final.


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