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Home Business Conquest of Makkah in Ramadan: The Greatest Victory of Humanity

Conquest of Makkah in Ramadan: The Greatest Victory of Humanity

by endroar
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19 Ramadan On the morning of the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet (PBUH) ordered the different groups of the Companions to enter Makkah from different directions and said, 'Do not attack anyone.' Earlier in the 'Muta' campaign, he had ordered, 'No saint and monk should be killed, boys and girls and children should not be killed, women should not be killed, trees should not be cut down, crops should not be destroyed, houses should not be set on fire and houses should not be injured. .' In this way, he created a new history of human civilization by making the enemies of Jan as his friends. Where the stars of forgiveness shine in the sky of generosity.

Rasulullah (SAW) rode a camel with Hazrat Usama ibn Zayed, and entered Makkah Mukarramah last of all with bowed head. Hazrat (PBUH) held a meeting with the people of Makkah. Addressing the meeting, he spoke of equality, friendship and unity, 'O Quraysh! Remove from the mind all the wrong ideas of the past, forget the pride of beauty, all become one. All people are equal, believe this.' Allah Ta'ala says, 'O people! I have created you all from one male and female and separated you into tribes and communities so that you may know one another. Indeed, among you, the one who is more pious is more honorable to Allah.' (Sura-49 Hazrat, verse: 13).

  • Mufti Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Uthman Ghani
    Joint Secretary General: Bangladesh National Imam Association
    Assistant Professor: Ahsania Institute of Sufism
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