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Clay elephant-horse-cow-toy waiting for the buyer to go home

by endroar
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As can be seen in Palpara, potters have made plates, glasses, mugs, jugs, salt bowls, sunkis (vessels), cup-pires and curry bowls. There are also elephants, horses, cows, deer, lions, tigers, bears, zebras, ducks, chickens. There are also toy pots and pans and various stoves for small children. Newly designed coil vases, candle vases, vases and bahari colored clay banks have been made.

The potters of Palpara said that they have tried to make clay products according to everyone's liking. He also brought variety in the design. Those who will go to the distant fair have already left. Hope the sales will be good. Eid ahead. Many people also buy new and home decoration items during Eid. Then Boishakh. As a result, there is hope for good sales this time.

Khokon Pal said, now they are facing many problems. Due to the decrease in the use of pots and pans made of clay due to the crowd of plastic things, potters like them are turning to other work. At present earthenware is produced in a handful of areas. They are waiting when Baisakh will come, when the fair will come. At this time, the family runs with what is gained. They are very disoriented by lending in this market due to rising commodity prices. As the cost of materials increases, so does the profit. Therefore, they demanded the government's close attention to sustain this profession of father and grandfather.


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