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Home Business Chittagong centennial tree unique road to be destroyed?

Chittagong centennial tree unique road to be destroyed?

by endroar
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We hope that the railway authorities will take the side of environment in this battle of environment vs development. They would at least suggest the CDA authorities to spend some ingenuity and effort to find alternative ways or means and request them not to give assurances of 'planting more trees in future' after felling trees.

CDA does not care much about the demands of the people, the welfare of the city, the responsibility to protect the environment. Otherwise thousands of buildings would not have been built illegally in Chittagong city. Buildings were not constructed by occupying canals, canals and roads. The mountains were not wiped out. The reservoir would not have disappeared. We don't know if they will listen again this time. However, Chittagong's environmentalists, urban planners, civil society representatives are opposing this initiative. They say, among the trees that can be cut, there are centuries-old trees. There is no need to build ramps in this section to protect the trees.

A survey on CRB biodiversity in the city was conducted in 2021 by non-governmental organization Effective Creation on Human Opinion (ECO). A total of 223 plant species were found in the CRB area in that survey. These include 88 species of large trees, 41 species of shrubs, 72 species of ferns and 22 species of vines. 183 species of medicinal plants have been found in CRB area alone.


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