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Children win in freedom of play

by endroar
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It should be noted here that my current work at BRAC IED covers a large part of the research on 'Child Development through Play'. Experts say that children's favorite medium for learning anything is play. I mentioned the example of playing in nature, children participate in such games out of their own curiosity. Parents can easily take them to a nearby park, playground or nature so that children can play to their heart's content in a safe, free and independent environment.

The biggest advantage of this type of game is that it does not require any toys. Children make many things by themselves using leaves, pebbles, flowers, etc. found in nature, which is great for developing their creativity.

Various studies have shown that children start from creative thinking, express their thoughts, and solve various problems through play. Through play, they express their emotions, make friends with each other, and even establish beautiful relationships with their parents or elders.

A child under one year who has not yet learned to speak can be played with by throwing balls, showing dolls or telling funny stories and rhymes. Two to six year olds can play hide and seek, make fun things with paper or draw pictures. We spend a lot of time sitting at home playing Ludo, Carrom or Chess, sometimes playing thief-police-robber game. Thus play helps strengthen family bonds.


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