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Home Business Chikon Semaipalli of Bogra in the picture

Chikon Semaipalli of Bogra in the picture

by endroar
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Chikon Semai of Bogra is quite famous. Most of the artisans in hundreds of factories making Chikan Semai are women. Some are busy making dough, some are busy pouring yeast into electric or hand-operated semicycles. Some are letting the milled semai dry in the sun. On the occasion of Eid, on an average two months, the maximum production in the factory is Chikan Semai. A 25 kg basket of semai is sold at Tk 1,300 to Tk 1,500. This semai is being built for about 50 years in 8 to 10 villages around Bogra suburb including Bejora, Ghatpara, Shayolagatipara, Kalshimati, Shyambaria, Robibaria. The story of this picture is about the recently taken pictures.


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