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Home Business Chicken prices have increased further, beef stuck at Rs 800

Chicken prices have increased further, beef stuck at Rs 800

by endroar
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The price of beef had risen to Rs 800 per kg a week ago. Even if the traders did not increase the price, earlier meat was available at 50 rupees, but now that is not the case. Only the vendors of Karwan Bazar are selling meat at Tk 780 reduced by Tk 20. The price of beef in the market is also high. The price of good quality meat is 1 thousand 200 taka; It means that if you give a little discount, it is available for 1 thousand 100 taka.

Many of the people involved say the increase in demand for beef would have pushed prices up a bit, but talk that the government could import meat from Brazil at a lower price has spooked traders. Brazil has been showing interest in exporting beef to Bangladesh for several years. The Latin American country wants to pay four and a half US dollars (Tk 495) per kilogram of beef to Bangladesh.

Alamgir Hossain, a seller of Molla Gost Bitan in Shah Ali Bazar, Mirpur of the capital, told Prothom Alo that beef is being sold at Tk 800 per kg. He said that it is not possible to sell good meat by slaughtering medium-sized cows at a lower price than this.


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