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Chhatra League leader reckless in beating and extortion

by endroar

Meanwhile, allegations were made against Touhid and his followers that they detained and threatened Khaledul Islam, a resident student of Nawab Abdul Latif Hall, in room number 206 last Wednesday for demanding the return of the subscription collected in the name of Iftar. The day after the incident, the victim student filed a written complaint with the hall principal seeking security. The resident students of that hall said that under the leadership of Chhatra League leader Tasfiq Al Tawhid, the Chhatra League was supposed to organize Iftar. For this, some followers of Touhid have collected 100 rupees from the common students of the hall. But that Iftar was not organized.

Regarding these allegations, Tashqif Al Tawhid told Prothom Alo that the allegations of student torture are completely baseless. A section of BCL could not accept the current committee. Basically they are the ones who are spreading such misleading information. Hall's suspension has ended. He is enrolled in a language course and is staying in the hall as he is responsible for the Chhatra League.

However, according to the academic wing of the university, those who are enrolled in various evening courses and short courses in the university do not have the opportunity to be called regular students. They cannot use residence halls and transport facilities.


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