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Home Business 'Chanraitu's Fun is Furai Geiyi'

'Chanraitu's Fun is Furai Geiyi'

by endroar
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Why this habit of rushing to the market when the Eid moon rises, no answer was found to the people of that time. I asked Ismail, an old resident of Chaktai area. He said, 'I don't know why our parents started it. But this city of Chatgaon was once very important in terms of trade. People used to come here from all over the country by river and road to do the Eid market. They used to market and leave one or two days before Eid. A day or two before Eid, the city would be deserted. Our father and uncle used to do Eid shopping on that occasion.

A resident of Baklia, Hanchi Mistry got a bit bored when talking about 'Chanrait'. He said, 'Chanlatia (moon night) fun is not like the previous doilla. Chan udnor (climb) loge loge anra lixa ekkan loi leyazuddin bazar jaytamgui. Yian jde fi, yan loi choli aistam. If the bet was burnt, Chanrait's fun is over now.'


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