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Home Business Chandrat's special drama 'Ekt Kholachithi' by Channel

Chandrat's special drama 'Ekt Kholachithi' by Channel

by endroar
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For many years, Rezanur Rahman's drama has been the pre-Eid drama on Channel I. This year's Eid special play 'Ekta Kholachithi' directed by Rezanur Rahman is in line with that. Where actress Ashna Habib Bhavna will be seen in the role of a journalist. According to the program department of Channel I, the play will be aired today at 7:50 pm on Wednesday.
Apart from Bhavna, Jayant Chattopadhyay, Lutfar Rahman George, Rawonk Bishakha Shyamoli, Farooq Hossain, Mintu Sardar, Sukorn Hasan, Moni Kanchan and more than a hundred actors from various theater organizations have acted in the drama 'Ekta Kholachithi'.


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