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Centenary – Ancient Hajj Diary

by endroar
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Bangla's life is in Bangla

Our Akbar ships no longer open at night. All night there was a fire on that ship. By the will of the Merciful, after dawn our ship sailed to Bombay in the name of God. Even then, the fire did not end on that ship. Adding sea water makes the fire more intense in salt water. Everything is possible with the will of the benevolent! It's all over!

Today is Thursday the 8th. A pilgrim from Mymensingh district died in the ship's hospital on the eve of this evening. I was not able to take a bath because of the heat and took a bath in the salt water of the bathroom. In the evening the Perim Peninsula was seen. Hopefully, the ship will land in the Arabian Sea soon. In that case, a lot of heat will be saved.

Today, the 11th, I left the port of Aden in the early hours of Sunday morning. A pilgrim died in the hospital today. Today the ship sank in the Arabian Sea. The rest is God's grace!

Today, the 12th, Monday morning, I drank tea and sat on the upper dock from six to seven to relieve fatigue. Then the ship was heading due east. At that time, a cloud appeared in the eastern sky. In fear of storms, the captain frequently scanned the sky with the help of binoculars. A couple of drops of rain fell and the cloud gradually disappeared. In a moment everyone was satisfied with Dayamaya's will.

I immediately went down and slept for some time as I felt cold. Then at 8:30 the clouds spread again and it rained heavily. Now gradually moving towards India. So I see the face of clouds and rain. A western woman died in hospital today. Everything is God's will! The ship was shaking very much since this afternoon. So the riders can no longer sit. Some are vomiting.

Today is Tuesday and no one is free to cook. Lying in bed in a drunken stupor. I have no words. The companions did not collect water today. See what he does!

Today, the 15th Thursday, the vibration of the ship is less. So people are moving a bit. But light, air, good food people are dying. The face is severe, the head is bad. Nothing can be done in Tishta.

We have taken place in the lower part of the ship. But all floors are the same. Two meals are cooked upstairs. Resistant to smoke, sun, toilet odor etc. Also salty sea water breeze. No peace at all. Let's see, how long Dayamaya stays in this state. Muharram moon was seen this evening. And three people died in the hospital today. Among them is a 10-12 year old son of an old Hindustani. If you see the behavior of that old man, even the stone will melt.

Today is Friday the 16th. In the extreme summer, I couldn't take a shower anymore, I bathed in salt water and changed my clothes after putting a little fresh water on my head. The response is that there is no fresh water in the ship. Let's see what arrangement God Karim makes after that. Drinking water was again provided in the evening. A man died. As today's heat felt unbearable, I hurriedly turned around the ship and could not settle anywhere.

By the will of Dayamay, I saw a new scene there. A large number of fish came close to the ship with a school and kept swimming along with the ship. Sometimes leap forward. Two kankos on either side, a spine erect on the back, the face round and narrow like a needle in front. The immense grace of the merciful is invisible to human intelligence. During the journey, the fishermen used to show us the sights and encourage us on the way to our destination. Even on their return, they showed us their sights and fulfilled the orders of the merciful and their duties. An old Haji resident of Netrakona died in our room at 9 pm.

Today, the 17th Saturday morning, passengers are eager to see the port of Bombay. No one gets any kind of peace even for a moment. Even cooking has become disliked. Officers are frequently asked when they will arrive. Because, for a full 10 days (a caged bird is not as free as a golden cage) because it is confined to the heat, the health is completely destroyed. Today also 3-4 people died. After all the days of waiting at 10 o'clock in the night by the benevolent wish, after about three months the ship with Bharatsantan anchored at the border port of Bombay. If you keep me alive till morning, by His grace, I will land on the shore. The scenery of the harbor is charmingly lit up with all the lights.

Everyone is impressed with the excitement saying that they will land on the shore on June 1st Sunday morning. I got the shelter of Nidradevi for the whole night. But the Will of the Merciful is another form, indivisible. As the tide went out, the ship could not reach the shore and remained at anchor in the middle of the sea with the hungry passengers till 12 o'clock waiting for the tide. By God's command, the tide came and brought us to the shore. But landing on the shore with the goods turned out to be a very dangerous matter. The pilgrims were satisfied with a pair of sweet bananas, a loaf of bread and fresh drinking water mixed with ice, at the behest of the owner of the inn. The reception of the people of Bombay on the landing of Hajidig is very memorable. Showering flowers, shaking hands, kissing foreheads, showing sympathy by decorating pilgrims with garlands is an amazing event.


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