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Home Business CCTV footage shows gunshots outside Salman's house

CCTV footage shows gunshots outside Salman's house

by endroar
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Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi's feud with Salman Khan is old. Bishnoi group has threatened to kill Salman Khan several times. Lawrence Bishnoi's group also claimed responsibility for the attack. A member of the group, Anmol Lawrence, claimed responsibility for the attack outside Salman's residence in a post.
In this post on social media, Anmol Bishnoi wrote, 'Jai Sriram, we want peace. If a decision against injustice is war, then war is right. Salman Khan, this incident is just a trailer, which we wanted to show you. That you may understand our strength, and not test us. It is the first and last threat. Then the bullets will not just go home. You accepted Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Sakil as God. I am not in the habit of saying more than that. Lawrence Bishnoi Group, Goldie Varad Group, Kala Jethri Group.'
However, the police have not yet said anything about this post.


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