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Can blood be given while fasting?

by endroar
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We know that if something enters the stomach or the brain through the normal entrance, the fast is broken. But if something comes out of the body, the fast is not broken. So if you fall into an accident, break your arm or leg or cut blood and bleed, then the fast will not be broken. If the blood flows, the ablution is broken, not the fast. At least half an hour rest at the blood donation center after donating blood. During this time the blood volume is fixed. This rest relieves the symptoms of body fatigue, lightheadedness etc.

Avoid heavy work for 2-4 hours after donating blood on fasting days. Such as physical exertion, cycling, working at high altitudes etc. After 24 hours of blood donation, liquids such as canned water, fruit juice, saline, normal water should be consumed 2-3 liters more than usual.

A mentally and physically healthy person is suitable for donating blood. 6-8 hours of sleep should be ensured the night before blood donation. Because sleep plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Still, if there is any difficulty, contact the blood donation center and take the advice of the concerned doctor.

Professor Dr. Syeda Masuma RahmanConsultant, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Directorate of Health


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