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Business Enterprise – Class X

by endroar
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61. A plan can fail—

i. Lack of government patronage

ii. Excessive risk

iii. Very confident

Which of the following is correct?

A. i and ii b. i and iii

c. ii and iii d. i, ii and iii

62. Since ancient times, the people of this country are dependent on what?

A. Depends on the job

b. Likes to be unemployed

c. Dependent on agriculture

d. Depends on the industry

63. What is it called if the actual profit is less than the expected profit?

A. Business risk b. Financial risk

c. Common risk d. actual risk

64. Which is one of the barriers to business initiatives?

A. Inadequacy of workers

b. Lack of entrepreneurial knowledge

c. Inadequacy of financial resources

d. Lack of government patronage

65. Which is one of the obstacles in achieving economic development and growth of a country?

A. Political unrest

b. Inadequacy of financial resources

c. Lack of government patronage

d. Industrial backwardness


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