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Business Enterprise – Class X

by endroar

56. Through which further expansion and prosperity of the country's business enterprises is possible?

A. favorable environment

b. Infrastructure development

c. Government sponsorship

d. public awareness

57. Which poses a serious threat to setting up and running a business?

A. Backwardness in education

b. Underdeveloped communication framework

c. Absence of skilled entrepreneurial class

d. Unstable law and order situation

58. What is always associated with business ventures?

A. profit b. damage

c. risk d. success

59. Which business is more profitable?

A. Where capital is high

b. whose entrepreneur is more efficient

c. Where the risk is high

d. Where the risk is low

60. Establishment and proper management of business is a—

A. Pleasant work b. risky job

c. Profitable work d. Honorable work

correct answer

Chapter 2: 51.a 52.c 53.c 54.b 55.a 56.c 57.d 58.c 59.c 60.b

Md. Altaf Hossain, lecturer, Birshrestha Munshi Abdur Rauf Public College, Dhaka


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