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Home Business Bus unlicensed, passengers in trucks, potholes on the road, 14 killed

Bus unlicensed, passengers in trucks, potholes on the road, 14 killed

by endroar
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Police or BRTA Magistrate should take action if the vehicle moves in this manner in violation of multiple sections of the Road Transport Act.

Regulatory body BRTA is responsible for ensuring the implementation of road laws and maintaining order on the roads. Although few in number, the organization has its own magistrates and inspectors. They can run mobile courts anywhere in the country if they want.

Highway police are on the highway. The journey of Highway Police started in 2005. Its functions include taking action against illegal vehicles, enforcement of traffic laws on highways, ensuring safe roads, traffic control etc. There are about 2,800 members in this force. There are about 80 police stations and outposts across the country. The agency has vehicles, highway speedometers and cameras to restore order on the roads.

However, the BTRTA and the Highway Police blame the shortage of manpower and lack of equipment. Chairman of BRTA Noor Mohammad Majumder told Prothom Alo that BRTA's capacity in operating mobile courts is limited. Efforts are being made to eliminate irregularities on the road with that limited capacity. He said that the fitness certificate can be obtained by paying some money for the government fee. The owners don't want to incur that expense either.

Noor Mohammad Majumdar also said that BRTA and the district administration have conducted mobile courts in more than 30 places. However, other agencies of the government should also be strict in removing irregularities on the roads.


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