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Home Business BUET students want a campus free of student politics, 'RG' to the Vice-Chancellor

BUET students want a campus free of student politics, 'RG' to the Vice-Chancellor

by endroar
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Buet's Dr. this Monday evening at six o'clock. The students made this request from a press conference in front of the MA Rashid administration building.

Students have been protesting against the entry of BCL leaders and workers at BUET campus, where student politics is banned, at midnight last Wednesday. Chhatra League held a protest rally at Central Shaheed Minar demanding the introduction of student politics in BUET on Sunday. After that today, in view of the writ of a Chhatra League leader, according to the High Court's decision, student politics is going to start again in Buet.

In this context, three students of BUET read a written statement on behalf of the agitators at the press conference this evening. In the written statement, it is said, 'We the students of BUET have full respect and trust in the judicial system of the country. Despite student politics being banned inside the BUET campus, the arrival and showdown of outside politicians on the campus at midnight on March 28 is considered a violation of university rules by the general students of BUET.

It is also said in the written statement that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in a press conference at Ganobhaban on October 9 after the murder of Fahad in Abrar on October 7, 2019, that if BUET thinks so, they can ban student politics. As a result, the BUET administration banned all forms of organizational politics in the campus in view of the demands of all BUET students and teachers. In the written statement, it is said, “We will demand from the BUET administration that the views of the general students should be properly presented in the judicial department.”


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