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BJP will be punished for world's biggest scam: says Finance Minister's husband

by endroar

Another identity of Parakala Prabhakar is the husband of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. He has also criticized the government policy regarding the country's economic condition. His wife Nirmala is not contesting this time. This Rajya Sabha member was offered by his party to contest in the Lok Sabha from Tamil Nadu this time. Nirmala said that she told the party that she does not have the financial strength to stand in the polls.

The double blow of Nageswaran and Prabhakar in the face of the polls has put the BJP in a dilemma.
Narendra Modi has been repeatedly criticized over employment and unemployment during his 10-year rule. Time and again he has dealt with it in his own way. The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Institute for Human Development (IHD) have prepared the 'India Employment Report 2024' on these two issues.

Nageswaran was present at the event where the report was published in the capital Delhi last Tuesday. According to the report, the percentage of educated among the total unemployed population of India was 35.20 percent in 2000, it increased to 65.70 percent in 2022. 83 percent of them are educated youth.

Releasing the report, Nageswaran said that it should not be assumed that the government will solve all financial and social problems. There is no reason to think that government should intervene everywhere. We need to get out of this mindset. Industrial and commercial sector should be proactive.


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