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Big brands are doing well even if the smaller ones beat them

by endroar
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The country's clothing market is growing, new brands are being launched. Currently the leading brands in the country include Arang, Yellow, Sailor, La Rive, Sara Lifestyle, Twelve, Gentle Park, Cat's Eye, Ecstasy, Club House etc.

Twelve is the desi apparel brand of Team Group, a readymade garment exporter. At present their number of sales centers is 41. Their sales are 30 percent higher than last year and 16 percent higher if we consider the number of outlets they had last year.

Twelve's chief operating officer (COO) Matiur Rahman said yesterday that there were good sales in Dhaka during the first three weeks of Ramadan this year. The districts outside Dhaka were the top in sales in the last week. Mainly because the people of Dhaka moved to the villages and the money sent from the diaspora came to the country, the sale of Mofswal increased in the last period.

Popular clothing brand Sailor. Its Chief Operating Officer (COO) Rezaul Kabir said business is improving. But it should have been better, eventually growing by more than 10 percent. Regarding the increase in the price of clothes, he said that the increased cost has been kept bearable instead of being passed on to the customer.

Sara Lifestyle, another clothing brand, currently has 14 outlets. Of these, four have been new in the last one year. This year their sales have increased by 37 percent. However, until last Eid-ul-Fitr, there were 10 sales centers. Business at those outlets increased by 20-25 percent.

With this information, the managing director of Snotex Group, the parent company of Sara Lifestyle, said SM Khaled, there was some kind of uncertainty among people last year due to the national elections. Even if there is no uncertainty this time, the common people are under pressure due to high inflation, otherwise they would have sold a little more. Despite the increase in raw material and business operating costs, the price of Sara's clothing has not been increased due to strategic reasons.


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