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Home Business Biden-Netanyahu face-off as US fails to veto cease-fire proposal

Biden-Netanyahu face-off as US fails to veto cease-fire proposal

by endroar
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Since the beginning of the Israeli attack on Gaza, there have been several resolutions to call for a ceasefire in the Security Council. Most of the proposals did not pass due to the use of veto power by the United States. Finally, in a change of policy, Biden used the 'veto' power to prevent the proposal from passing and instead ordered an abstention from the vote. U.S. frustration with Netanyahu's stance on the Gaza attack was reflected in the abstention from the vote.

The US presidential election will be held at the beginning of next November. Joe Biden will be a candidate again in this election. In such a situation, the pressure on him to stop the Israeli killings in Gaza is increasing. Not only the allies of the United States, many leaders of Biden's own party are also pressuring him.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has faced several challenges in this regard within the country. On the one hand, the partners with whom he formed the government are pressuring him to take a tougher stance against the Palestinians, while on the other hand, the families of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas complain that the Netanyahu government is not doing what is needed to free the hostages. There are often large protests in Israel due to this accusation. Demonstrations are also demanding Netanyahu's immediate resignation.

Netanyahu said the failure of the United States to veto the resolution was a clear departure from its previous position, as the Israeli prime minister's office announced on Monday the cancellation of the Israeli delegation's visit to the United States. The war that Israel is fighting in Gaza will suffer.


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