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Biden is catching Trump in popularity

by endroar

On the same day, another New York court reduced Trump's bond from $46.4 million to $17.5 million at the last minute in a fraud case. He has been given 10 days to deposit this bond amount.

Trump faces 14 criminal charges related to election fraud and 40 felony counts of possession of classified information. In addition, Trump has submitted a bond of 92 million US dollars in rape and defamation cases.

A spokesman for Biden's campaign on Monday called Trump “weak and desperate” as a person and as a presidential candidate. He said election funds cannot be collected from Trump's campaign. Trump is not interested in campaigning outside of his country club. Every time he speaks, he alienates moderates and suburban voters from his dangerous agenda.

Biden's campaign did not respond to a poll by Bloomberg and Morning Consult.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for Trump's campaign, said Trump is leading 47 to 43 percent in seven swing states. Repeated polls show voters are embarrassed by Biden's policies, including crushing inflation, loopholes in southern border management and electric cars that are destroying the industry.


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