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BGB protests over border killings: Foreign Minister

by endroar

Asked whether the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will protest the border killing or not, Hasan Mahmud said, 'We want no such incident to happen at the border again. The government protested through the BGB and a border meeting was held.

When asked about the rescue of Bangladeshi hostages from Somali pirates, Hasan Mahmud said, 'I just want to say this about the ship, we are in touch with them to free the sailors. We are running multifaceted activities. Our objective is to rescue the ship and sailors safely. We have come a long way.' He also said that there is no food shortage in the ship.

Meanwhile, Nobel laureate economist Dr. Regarding Yunus, Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud said, Dr. Yunus' award has been falsified by UNESCO awarding it. Actually, it is not a UNESCO award, it was awarded by an Israeli sculptor at a UNESCO-affiliated conference in Baku, Azerbaijan. UNESCO was involved in this conference in some way, but this award was not given by UNESCO in any way. Given there on behalf of a person; Which is promoted as given by UNESCO. It is false, misrepresented.


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