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Home Business Bengali sentimental race should be followed and relations should be built

Bengali sentimental race should be followed and relations should be built

by endroar
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When asked whether the January 7 parliamentary election in Bangladesh is questionable or not, Pinakaranjan did not answer directly and said that if a party does not participate in the polls on its own, it is not the responsibility of the winning party. Nor is it fair to blame the winning team for that. Pinakaranjan also brought up the issue of India in this context. He said, complaints are heard around elections in India too. Those who know that the defeat in the polls is inevitable, they start rigging the EVMs in advance. No country is short of excuses.

Ansuya Basu Roy Chowdhury, director of ORF Kolkata branch, spoke about the boycott of Indian products in the discussion meeting. He said, this campaign is going on mainly through social media. Some people without public base are trying to incite anti-India mentality like this. Ansuya said in this context, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has clarified the matter. They have revealed their nature and explained that there is no public basis for it. So there is no reason to worry about it. Ansuya feels that the Prime Minister's stern comments are a strong step in maintaining the continuity of relations. According to him, it is good diplomacy to give discount on onion export on the occasion of fasting.
The relationship between the United States and Jamaat-e-Islami also came up in the discussion. Veena Sikri, a senior diplomat and former High Commissioner of India posted in Dhaka, said that the United States considers Jamaat-e-Islami to be a moderate Islamist group. They don't want to admit that they are extremists. Jamaat and its partner BNP are being patronized by the US for this misconception.


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