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Bengali – Fifth Class

by endroar
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Introduction: Jackfruit is our national fruit. Jackfruit is famous as a juicy and delicious fruit. It is a summer fruit. However, jackfruits are available for some time during monsoons and post-monsoons.

Nature: Jackfruit trees are quite large and live for a long time. Jackfruit is obtained from the same tree for many years. In the month of Magh-Phalpun, a cobbler is caught on a jackfruit tree. Cobblestones are jackfruits. From the month of Chaitra the jackfruit grows. The jackfruit is caught from the month of Baisakh. From the roots of the jackfruit tree to the trunk, the jackfruit is caught. A jackfruit tree holds up to 100-300 jackfruits. A jackal is large in size and weighs 30-40 kg. There are all kinds of jackals, big and small. The skin of the jackal is prickly. There are many cells inside the jackfruit. One seed in each cell. Jackfruit seeds grow into seedlings. If water accumulates at the base of the jackfruit tree, the tree dies.

Location: Jackfruit is found more or less everywhere in Bangladesh. More jackfruits are found in Narsingdi, Gazipur, Mymensingh, Tangail, Jessore.

Benefits: Jackfruit is delicious and nutritious fruit. Raw jackfruit curry is very tasty. Jackfruit is a fruit whose seeds are edible and beneficial. Jackfruit Bichi is very high in calories as a curry. The thick shell of jackfruit is the favorite food of cattle and buffaloes. Ripe jackfruit is very sweet and delicious to eat.

Disadvantages: Jackfruit is very nutritious. Not easily digested. Eating too much jackfruit causes stomach ache. For this, jackfruit should not be eaten too much at once. Of course, many poor people spend their days eating jackfruit.

Demand abroad: The amount of jackfruit produced in our country is wasted. Jackfruit is the wealth of this country. We can process and export jackfruit jam, jelly, juice etc. abroad. Initiatives at the government and private levels are very important in this regard. From this, foreign exchange can be easily earned, which will also be useful for the development of our country.

Conclusion: Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit. Among the fruits of Bangladesh, jackfruit is the most protein rich fruit. Therefore, by planting jackfruit trees around the house, its yield should be increased to a large extent.

Khandakar Atiq, the teacherWills Little Flower School and College, Dhaka


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