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Bengali – Class VII

by endroar
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∎ Review of practical writing concepts.

■ Writing letters, reading or discussing any previous experience.

∎ Reading and recitation of 'Letter' essays given in textbooks.

∎ Discuss the concept and content of 'Letter' composition given in the text book.

■ Discussion of considerations for letter writing and letter analysis given in textbooks.

Writing a letter to yourself.

Practical Writing:

Practical means practical. Writings that are often applied or used in daily life are called practical writings. Practical writing often contains personal memoirs, eulogies and propaganda. For example: diary, letter, application, invitation etc.


The letter is known to all. This is an example of practical writing. Letters were once the main means of long-distance communication. News was reported by writing letters to family members or acquaintances, and asking for news by writing letters. Letters are usually sent in envelopes. The sender's name-address is written on the upper left side of the envelope and the recipient's name-address is written on the right side. Letter writing is on the wane these days, but the appeal of letters will always be there.

Jahed Hossain, Senior Teacher, Beam Model School and College, Dhaka


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