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Bengali – Class VII

by endroar
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Learn About Analytical Writing Today Dear Students, This learning experience has planned activities that will help you identify the characteristics of analytical writing, identify information from a text and analyze it, read an analytical text and explain the author's point of view, and other essays. , can analyze and present information in charts, tables, pictures, etc.


∎ The essay 'How long' is the lesson.

∎ Discuss the concept and content of the essay 'How Long'.

∎ Analyzing the similarities and differences between your own ideas and the writer's statement in the text 'How long'.

■ Discuss the concepts of analytical writing.

∎ Analyzing tables and preparing analytical papers.

∎ Analyzing images and preparing analytical texts.

Students, read the essay 'How long' first silently and then aloud. Keep in mind standard pronunciation while reading. If you have trouble understanding the meaning of any words in the text, mark them. The new words found in the text will be read from the 'Word Meaning' section of the textbook. You can take the help of teachers and dictionaries to find out the meaning of any word beyond the meaning given in the 'Word Meaning' section.

What did I read?

A. What is the subject of the essay 'How long'?

Sample answer: The essay is written on the history, society and culture of the Bengali nation.

b. Find some analytical sentences from this text.

Sample answer: This text contains many analytical sentences. For example:

1. Many old words are covered in the play of light and dark.

2. People worked, farmed, built houses and ran the country by themselves.

3. How many militias were established, how many systems, how many regulations appeared.

4. Maurya-Gupta, Pal-Sen, Pathan-Mughal, Company-Rani have come to an end.

5. One writes about prosperity, luxury, happiness. Another paints a picture of abject want, burning poverty, immense pain.

Jahed Hossain, Senior teacherBeam Model School and College, Dhaka


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