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Bengali – Class VII

by endroar
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Learn how to write informative essays today

Informative essays can be created on students, biographies of individuals, introductions to schools or institutions, various number-based descriptions, etc. The main purpose of informative writing is to inform the reader about information. Therefore, it is not right to express personal feelings in such writings. For example, you want to create an informative essay about mobile users in Bangladesh. In this case, whether you have a mobile phone or not, whether it is good or bad to use a mobile phone, there is no need to write such words. Rather, it is important to mention the number of mobile users according to the year, how many types of mobile users there are.

Now prepare the informational text by collecting the necessary information on the following topics:

1. What fruit trees are there around the school? How many trees are there?

2. What kind of flowers are there around the school? When does a flower bloom?

3. Which birds are more common in your area? What is the color of a bird?

4. Are there any professions in your area? What kind of work do they do?

5. Are there any shops around the school? What kind of things are available in which store?

Jahed Hossain, Senior teacherBeam Model School and College, Dhaka


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