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Question: Why were the pyramids built?

Answer: The pharaohs believed that if the human body decomposed after death, they would not be entitled to eternal life. So they used to make the dead body into a special 'mummy' and keep it inside the pyramid. No one will be able to touch, let alone destroy, the 'mummy' inside the solid pyramid. Their bodies will remain intact for a long time. Then they will get life again one day. The pyramids were originally built by the pharaohs in anticipation of eternal life.

Question: How were the pyramids built?

Answer: The pyramids are made of large stones. The pyramids were built by placing pieces on top of large pieces of stone cut from large stones.

Question: Any antiquities of Bangladesh

Find the similarities and differences with the pyramid.

Answer: There are many antiquities in Bangladesh. One of the famous monuments is Sompur Vihar in Paharpur. However, its similarities and differences with the pyramid are given below:

1. Like the pyramids, Sompur Vihar is also an ancient structure. But its antiquity is much less than that of the pyramids.

2. As the pyramids were built by Pharaoh kings, Sompur Vihara is also a feat of Pala kings.

3. The pyramids housed the mummification of dead kings, while Buddhist monks lived and practiced scriptures at Sompur Vihara.

4. The pyramid is triangular, while the Sompur Vihar is quadrangular. But just as there are small holes inside the pyramids, there are similar holes inside Bihar.

5. There are terracotta paintings on the walls of Bihar, but none on the walls of the pyramids

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Jahed Hossain, Senior Teacher, Beam Model School and College, Dhaka


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