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Bengali – Class VII

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∎ The text 'Pyramid' is text.

∎ Discuss the concept and content of writing 'Pyramid'.

∎ Analyzing similarities and differences of own ideas with the writer's statement in writing 'Pyramid'.

∎ Discuss the concepts of descriptive writing.

∎ Prepare a descriptive essay on any architecture of at least 50 years old in your locality.

The author of 'Pyramid' is Syed Mujtaba Ali. He was born in Karimganj district of Assam in 1904 and died in Dhaka in 1974. His career began by teaching in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Apart from this, he also taught in a university in Egypt for some time. A large part of his works are travelogues. A unique feature of Syed Mujtaba Ali's writing is descriptive style in juicy language. The text 'Pyramid' is taken from the author's book 'Jale Dangay'.

Jahed Hossain, Senior Teacher, Beam Model School and College, Dhaka


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